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Moscow. Side by side

The exhibition presents Digital Derivatives made by Sally Ducker in Moscow in 2010s and Moscow cityscapes, projects and fantasies created by Russian artists from 1930s till 1990s.

15.03.2018 — 08.04.2018
Preview — Thursday, March 15


The exhibition is portraying the extraordinary family of Sasha Bragin who live in the deep Siberian taiga, on the bank of the Yenisei tributary.
Also on display paintings devoted to the Siberia from the NB Gallery collection 1950-1980s.

01.02.2018 — 11.02.2018
Preview — Thursday, February 01

Double Landscape Portrait

'It seems like I know everything about mixing colors and painting snow and yet as I look at it, and the snow is glowing…. all the knowledge just flies out of my head…'Nikolai Novikov

30.11.2017 — 25.12.2017
Preview — Thursday, November 30

100 Years of the Russian Revolutioin (1917-2017)

At this exhibit we tried to recreate the “ideal” image of the revolution - the view artists had of it for half a century (from the 1930s to the 1970s). They created art, graphics and posters on the subject, many of which fit with the official iconography of the time. Others, however, unexpectedly move outside of the realm of typical soviet artwork. Attitudes towards the revolution changed over time, and this is apparent in the artistic changes as well.

29.09.2017 — 15.11.2017
Preview — Thursday, September 28